Friday, May 13, 2011

Planned updates for Phone Profiles

I'm planning on adding changes to the Phone Profiles App that will allow you select how the profile settings are enforced. I like that this app will change my settings back to the settings i designated in my profiles, but it appears a lot of users do not like such strict settings enforcement. So, I am in the process of adding the ability to select which type of enforcement you would like:
  1. Lax(on by default): This setting will activate the profile, but will allow the user to change any settings that they choose. The app will not readjust these settings until the user selects the "Check Events" option in the main menu or the app activates another profile.
  2. Strict: This setting will activate the profile and reset any settings that the user might have changed to the currently active profile. The only way to change settings in this case is to use the Override functionality and select the profile to override with. This is the way that the app is currently working.

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