Friday, April 8, 2011

Phone Profiles released!

Phone Profiles for Android has been released to much rejoice!

Please leave feedback on what you like, don't like, or what you want improved! Please be specific, it helps a lot!

This app allows you to automate control of some parts of your smart phone! You can create profiles that control phone settings like
* Ringer mode: silent, vibrate, normal
* Ringer volume and vibrate state
* Notification volume and vibrate state
* Alarm volume
* Music volume
* System volume
* Wifi mode
* Bluetooth mode
* Airplane mode
* Auto-rotate mode
* Brightness - auto brightness or set brightness

These phone profiles can then be activated based on the time and day as well as by events that may occur through out the day.

Triggered events (not available in the free version) include:
* Power connected
* Power disconnected
* Battery low
* Battery ok
* Battery below selected %
* Battery above selected %
* Any appointment for calendar
* Appointment for calendar contains profile in description

Override functionality:
The override functionality allows you to activate a profile that will stay activated until you choose to turn off override mode. During this time, timed and triggered events will not activate their associated profiles. When you remove the override, these events will then become active.

Below are some examples of possible uses:
  • Let's say you want your phone to turn up the ringer and notification volume to a loud setting during your time at home, you might create a home profile that raises the volume and turns on your wifi. Then you might create a timed event that activates this profile at 8am, on every day of the week.
  • Now let's say you want to go into a battery conservation mode when your battery level goes below 40%, you can create a triggered event that will activate a profile that lowers screen brightness, turns off wifi and turns off bluetooth as well.
  • Another possible example might be having a profile that silences the all ringers and notifications when you get an appointment on your calendar.
Planned updates and features:
  •  Widget(not available in the free version)
    • Currently, I am working on adding a widget that displays the currently active timed event and the currently active triggered event(if any). It will also show the override state and profile.
    • When tapping on the widget, you will be given the choice to select an override profile or open the Phone Profiles App

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